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Miss Ashby - Reception


Hello and welcome to the wonderful Cygnet class. The children that are taught by myself, Miss Ashby, and are assisted in the classroom by the lovely Mrs Kelly. Starting school is such an exciting time and the children are settling in brilliantly. They are eager to explore their new learning learning environment and are adapting well to their new routines.

Welcome to Cygnet Class!

I am so proud of the children already and the way they have made new friends and work as a team. Everyone looks after each other and we stick together every day. The children are starting to become enthusiastic learners and our classroom is beginning to look wonderful with some fabulous displays of the children's writing and artwork ensuring our classroom is a fun and exciting place to be. Together we have created ourselves a wonderful learning environment and we have so much fun every day.

Our topic this term is ‘Who Am I?’ We will be finding out about where we live and different types of houses and homes, thinking about how we have changed from a baby and sharing our interests and hobbies with our friends as well as investigating our own features and what makes us all unique. Family photos will be displayed in the classroom and the children have the opportunity to tell everyone about those special people in their lives.

During the second half of the term our learning will be based on the topic 'Let's Celebrate!' We will begin an exciting few weeks learning about bonfire night, birthdays, the Hindu celebration of Diwali and then culminating in our Christmas festivities!

In Cygnet class we are developing our speaking and listening skills in front of the class and with groups of our friends during our special circle times, big talk and show and tell sessions. We have bought in some very interesting items from home to share and talk about and enjoy sharing our news with our friends.

We strive to make Cygnet class a fun, happy and safe place to learn as well as making your child's first year at Roecroft fun, action packed and full of learning and memories.

Daily Routine

Doors open at 8.50am for children to come into school. Children line up on the playground in their class lines and their teacher will come out to get them. Children come into the classroom, put their book bags, coats, water bottles and any other belongings away, complete their self registration and sit themselves on the carpet to answer the register and ready to start the day.

During the morning we have rolling snack where the children wash their hands, pour their own milk, help themselves to water and choose their snack. This is an opportunity for a social time with friends to sit, eat and chat together while developing independence, social and personal self-care skills. 

Children have access to the outdoor area throughout the day where they mix with friends in the other two reception classes. We have a large canopied area so children can be outside in all weathers as well as the large playground. 

Children go for their lunch in the dining room at 11.45am until 1pm with their lunchtime supervisor. They choose their own food from the two options available and sit with their friends. When they are finished the children go outside.

School finishes at 3.25 and parents wait on the playground for the children to be sent out, one at a time, when a designated person is there to collect them.


Through the ‘read-write-inc’ phonics scheme we use at Roecroft we have just begun to learn the set 1 sounds. Children are enjoying learning the different sounds and the rhymes used for handwriting. All children have a phonics booklet sent home with the sounds of the set they are learning. When your child moves onto a new sound set, a new booklet will be sent home for you to practice with them. Children really enjoy their phonics sessions and, learning the handwriting rhymes, meeting ‘Fred the Frog’ who helps to sound out words and blend words with our partners and trying our best to be ‘star of the session’. Children are making some fabulous progress and getting better and better every day. 


PE days for reception is on a Friday, however PE kits can be kept in school on your child’s peg all week. Black shorts and Roecroft PE t-shirt is perfect for indoor PE. Children don’t need trainers or plimsolls they will be in the hall until the weather is warmer in the summer. A letter will be sent home asking for outdoor shoes when we need them.

Reading, Green Words, Red Words and Library Books

Your child’s reading book will be changed at least once a week, with the option to change twice a week on a Friday, but please ensure that their reading book and reading record is stored in their book-bag and comes to school every day. Please ensure your child’s reading record is signed once you have listened to them read at home. It is important to listen to your child read as regularly as possible to develop these early reading skills, so please don’t simply read the story to your child and ask them to repeat it back to you, or just tell them what the words say. It is very important they are the ones sounding out and blending the words to read, therefore developing their decoding skills. The day your child’s book is changed is on a sticker on the front of their reading folder and reading record.

Alongside their reading book your child will also have a library book. This is also changed once a week but these days can rotate and change. Therefore, it is important that this book is also kept in your child’s book bag. This is a fiction or nonfiction book of their choice from our school library that can be read to them at home and shared together.

Over the year there are also a selection of green key words that are sent home. These are perfect for keeping in a little tin or pencil case and using and practicing regularly to develop blending and sight reading. All of these green words are words in which your child can sound out and blend together, for example, ‘d-o-g, dog’ ‘p-a-t, pat’ or ‘th-i-nk, think.’ Please ensure you practice these with your child as frequently as possible alongside their reading to develop these important early literacy skills. Once your child is confident with them, so they can sound them out independently, cut off the sound buttons and children can then read them on sight, without sounding them out. This will help to develop their reading fluency and is an important skill to learn. Children can also work on writing these words independently, sounding them out accurately and using them in sentences. As we work our way through the ‘read-write-inc’ phonics scheme that we use at Roecroft, you will notice more of these words being sent home for your child to practice.

Finally, children will also have ‘red words’ which are words children have to learn by sight that cannot be sounded out, for example ‘was’ ‘I’ ‘you’ ‘the’ ‘said.’ Please practice these at home regularly as this will also help to develop your child’s fluency when reading and they can also apply this knowledge to their writing. We test these in school on a regular basis, and the next set will be sent home to learn once the previous set have been confidently learnt. 

Homework - Learning Logs

Learning Logs are set for children every Friday and due back into school on a Thursday. These are tasks for your child to complete at home with their families and are based around our current learning. A sticker is stuck at the top of a double page explaining the weeks’ homework and children then write, draw pictures, stick in photos or objects linked to the task of the week, including a values homework which is set on the first Friday of the month as our values change. Children really love working with their families at home and will really be proud of the work they bring in and share with the rest of the class. Please ensure your child’s homework is returned back to school each week as we give out certificates for quality homework in reception.