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Roecroft Lower School



We are delighted with how X has settled into life at Roecroft. She loves school and learning and this is very much reflected in her report. Thank you for making her first year at school such fun.

This is a lovely first report, thank you so much. Something to treasure forever. The pictures alongside the detailed information on how X is doing is simply wonderful.

We were very happy with this report. It was lovely to have such a detailed amount of her achievements this year, thank you to the Roecroft team for inspiring X to learn!

What a super first school report! X has had a great year in reception and thoroughly loved every moment of being in school. Many thanks to the Roecroft team for such a wonderful year, the progress has been simply amazing!

X has really enjoyed his first year at school, he has made some lovely new friends and has built great relationships with the staff. Thank you so much for making his transition into school run so smoothly.


We are over the moon with this report and her progress this year! She has absolutely loved learning this year and full credit goes to the Roecroft staff for their hard work, patience, understanding and gentle manner which we are truly grateful for. We are so thrilled she will be continuing her education at Roecroft.

X has enjoyed this year and learnt so much! It is great to read about his progress and to watch his development. Thank you to the team for all their support and advice, it really has made a huge difference.

We couldn’t be prouder of X after reading this report, it was fantastic! He loves school and you have inspired him to work hard and enjoy learning, this is evident from his report and how he speaks about the Roecroft staff. As parents we couldn’t ask for more so a huge thank you to you all.

Wow, excellent report! Very happy with the progress X has made this year, support has been in place where needed resulting in amazing progress, thank you! 



Thank you so much for X’s development this year. Roecroft is a fantastic school with great values and it has helped our daughter to excel beyond our expectations!

We are delighted with this report. We feel he has progressed immensely this year. We feel blessed that he is being taught by the Roecroft team and thank them for everything they have done so far.

Thank you to the Roecroft team for teaching X this year and challenging her to achieve her full potential. We appreciate it very much. The teaching team have made such a good impression on X and have instilled very good values in her.

Wow! X has made amazing progress this year with both his level of ability and his maturity, this is all credit to the wonderful teaching team. We are so proud of X and we were overjoyed to read such a fabulous and personal report.


We are so very proud of X’s achievements and the progress in his school work this year. He enjoys school and we can see how much he has developed over the last year. Thank you for all of the support you have given him and for stretching him to achieve his goals. We will continue to engage in all of the wonderful opportunities for parents that the school offers so that we can support him in all ways at home.

We are very happy with this report. He has really flourished this year and we are very proud of him. Thank you to the Roecroft staff for making this year so special for X.

We are very pleased with this report. Thank you again to all of the Roecroft team for their continued dedication to our children’s education.

X has a great year, achieving so much! She has really enjoyed the range of topics and I think you have pushed her to reach her goals. Thank you for all the time that goes into nurturing each and every pupil.


We are really pleased with X’s achievements this year at Roecroft. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Roecroft team for their hard work and advice throughout the years. Roecroft has been an excellent start to X’s education and has set him up fantastically to achieve well in the future! Many, many thanks.

We are extremely pleased with X’s academic achievements and the Roecroft family life that she has been a part of. Her successes are down to the wonderful support of all the Roecroft teachers and support staff over the past five years. Thank you!

X really enjoys school and has made great progress which is reflected in this report. He has had the most wonderful 5 years at Roecroft and a fantastic start to his education! Thank you to all the Roecroft staff for all of your hard work.

Thank you so much for a wonderful final report. She has loved her time at Roecroft and feel that she is now well placed for the next step of her educational journey. Thank you for making her start to school life so special!