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Roecroft Lower School

Learning Support Team

Here is our team of Learning Support Assistants who have a wide range of roles across the school.  Their primary focus is to support our pupils' learning and help them to progress and develop as well-rounded individuals.  We really value the contribution that our LSA team make to Roecroft school and the vital role they play.  

We are currently working towards our re-accreditation for the BPTAA to celebrate all the outstanding work that our LSA team do to support out pupils' learning.



Hello, I’m Mrs Duggan and I’ve worked at Roecroft for 5 years. I started out as a Midday Supervisor and gradually moved on to offer support across all reception classes. Now, I’m lucky enough to be a full-time, classroom LSA in Cygnet class.

I spend some of my free time writing contemporary fiction and editing for a small writers’ group. The rest of the time, I enjoy DIY that gets the entire family involved, as we are all quite creative.


I am Mrs Aery and I work in Reception Duckling class as a Learning Support Assistant, I enjoy welcoming the children into a fun learning environment.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with loved ones and exploring different places and learning to cook different cuisines.




Year 1


I am Mrs Page and I currently work in Year 1 Puffin Class as a Learning Support Assistant. I also cover teaching time across Year 1 and I am a Midday Supervisor at lunchtimes, so I get to see all the lovely children in Year 1 throughout the week.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, going on bikes rides and taking time out to craft and draw.



I am Miss Sohal and I currently work in Year 1 in Robin Class, after having worked in Reception for many years.  I am currently a Learning Support Assistant, and also thoroughly enjoy covering teaching in Robin class. I also work at Breakfast Club with Mrs Valpy, and get to meet lots of children throughout the school. Outside of school, I am enjoying my training to become a fully qualified counsellor, and in my spare time, I enjoy long walks in the outdoors as well as going to Yoga classes and spending time with my family.


I'm Mrs O'Beirne and since 2016 I have worked as an LSA in Year 1. I'm currently supporting the Penguins with their classwork. I really enjoy working with and getting to know all of the children.

I am currently expecting my first child - a little girl who is due in May. I can't wait for her to meet the Roecroft family!



Year 2


Hi, I am Miss Timmis and I currently work in Owl class as a Learning Support Assistant. I am also a Midday Supervisor at lunchtimes for the lovely Penguin class. I love supporting children with all aspects of their learning.

Outside school I love spending time with my children, walking and watching Formula 1!


My name is Miss Tucker and I currently work in Year 2 Swan class as a Learning Support Assistant.  I particularly enjoy carrying out Learning Support Plans (LSPs) and tailoring activities to help children achieve specific targets. In addition to my LSA role, I am also a midday supervisor at lunchtimes.




I am Mrs Gayfer-Toms. I work in Year 2 as an LSA in the lovely Nightingale class. I support the children and the teachers throughout the day within the classroom and especially enjoy when we are doing history!

Outside of Roecroft I am kept busy with my 3 children and enjoy visiting the cinema, historic places and the zoo.



Year 3


I’m Mrs Senior, I have been at Roecroft quite a few years, working in classes in Years 1, 2 and 3. At present I am working in Year 3.  I also help with the after-school Enrichment Club. I enjoy working with the children helping them progress in their learning. 

In my spare time I enjoy gardening and being outdoors.



I’m Miss Kenny and I currently work supporting the Year 3, Kestrel Class children with their learning. I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant at Roecroft for rather a lot of years... 15 at the last count! You may also recognise me from my other role working at Pippin Pre-School in the breakfast, after school and holiday clubs. This means I am in the happy position of having known some of the children right through their journey from pre-school to Year 4.

Outside of school I love spending time with my friends and family and pottering around on my allotment. I have also spent the last six years completing a BSc in psychology with The Open University.


Hello, I’m Mrs Holgreaves and I joined the Roecroft family two years ago having lived overseas for twelve years, most recently in Maryland, America. I work in the wonderful Year 3 Kingfisher class and thoroughly enjoying my LSA role supporting the children with their learning.




Year 4 


Hi, I am Miss Cenami and I am currently a Learning Support Assistant for Hawk Class. I love the variety of my role and helping the children throughout the day with all aspects of learning while making sure we have a smile on our face and a caring attitude for each other.

In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog Boba over the fields while he jumps in and out of rivers and also baking yummy cookies.  


Hi, my name is Miss Sumal. This is my fifth year working at Roecroft - I started working in Year 3 and then moved up to Year 4 and have been there ever since. I enjoy working with small groups of children with my Mental Maths and Reading Comprehension groups and love helping the children prepare to take their next steps moving up to their new schools.

Outside of school my hobbies are rollerskating, reading, playing badminton and relaxing and meditation. 


Hello, my name is Miss Darts and I have been at Roecroft since March 2021, when I became a LSA starting in Year 3, then moving up to Year 4 in September. I really enjoy supporting the children on their educational and emotional journey through Lower School and it is wonderful to watch them grow and flourish. After qualifying in the 80’s, I have worked within child education for too many years to mention but this is my first time in a Lower School and I’m enjoying every adventure and challenge that comes with it.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, walking my two little dogs Lucy and Dobby and, at the moment, organising my wedding for June. 


Hi, my name is Miss Stratton and it has been my pleasure to be one of the Year 4 Learning Support Assistants for the last 7 years. I have the fantastic job of supporting the children with any work they find difficult or challenging. It is such a rewarding job to be able see the children progress and thrive with their work and confidence.

In my spare time I love to go for walks in the countryside with my son and my dog Beau and listen to music, especially rock.




Hello, my name is Mrs Allen and I have been at Roecroft for nearly a year. I am one of the LSAs and I am based in Owl class in year 2. I love to see how the children’s imaginations work and how privileged we all are to be in an awesome school like Roecroft. The resources that the pupils have available to them are amazing and I am sure that contributes to all the outstanding work that they do.

Outside of school I have twin girls so I don’t have much spare time, but when I do I like to watch box sets and try my hand at floristry.


Hello, my name is Mrs Snowden and I work in Nightingale class as an LSA, I enjoy being in the classroom and helping the children during their English and Maths lessons. I am also the Senior Midday Supervisor at lunchtime which allows me time to interact with children across all years as they have fun during the lunch hour.

Outside of school I love spending time with my family and keeping fit. 



I'm Miss Quince, I've been at Roecroft a few years now, as a 1:1 learning support assistant. I work mainly in Year 4, either 1:1 or supporting small groups of children. You may also see me at Sensory Circuits in the mornings, where I help out and get to see lots of lovely children from different year groups. 

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my little boy, going on nice walks with our dogs and fun days out.


Hello, I’m Mrs Guttridge and I am a 1:1 Learning Support Assistant working with a named child. I’m currently based in Year 3 in Kingfisher Class. I also run a group through the Phoenix Room (Brick Club) and help with Sensory Circuits in the morning which I really enjoy.

When I’m not in Roecroft I enjoy spending time with my family, taking our dog for long walks (especially when there’s coffee and a cake involved) and reading and watching movies.




Hello, I am Mrs Sperring, I am the HLTA and currently helping to support the children in Nightingale class. My favourite lesson is Art and I really enjoy being with my nurture groups across Year 2. I am probably best known throughout the school for my love of Christmas and glitter and of course working with Santa throughout December!

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends especially my Grandson and my little dog Frank. 




    Mrs Valpy – Phoenix Room

My role is to support children with developing their speech and language needs. I work with class teachers and LSAs to support the delivery of activities provided by the NHS Speech therapists who assess the children in school. I have regular contact with parents to keep them involved in the process and track the children’s progress accordingly.

During the school day I run a variety of nurture-themed interventions on a 1:1 basis and in small groups for children who need social and emotional support through playing games, discussion, and art activities. As a school we work closely with external agencies to help us identify children who need support and give us guidance on the best way to help our children and families in difficult times.